Do you want to get involved locally with pro-life efforts?

First, download the free app for iPhone or Android, then register for your free account and follow the instructions on your profile page to add a new organization.

You will then receive prayer requests and other notifications from your local pro-life community. With only a few seconds a day you can help save a life and assist a family in need – all with your smartphone and prayer.

Are you looking to add your pro-life organization, clinic or church to the app?

Download the free app for iPhone or Android, register for your free account and add your pro-life organization (clinic, center, church, school etc.).

Your organization will appear on the map so that friends and supporters are able to join or associate with it. As the administrator of your organization you can send alerts for prayer, events, news etc. The alerts arrive only to those are associated with your organization.

Use this app to build unity among your followers with the map, easy communication and even receive donations – all from a smartphone.